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    “Science—and therefore science education—is central to the lives of all Americans. A high-quality science education means that students will develop an in-depth understanding of content and develop key skills—communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving, and flexibility—that will serve them throughout their educational and professional lives.”  (from the Next Generation Science Standards)

  • The science educators at Smoky Hill High School are committed to empowering ALL students to obtain a rigorous education that inspires a love for lifelong learning in a safe, equitable, inclusive and caring environment. Our mission is to investigate, create, and foster new pathways to science literacy through critical thinking, problem solving and inquiry.

    Science Pathway of Purpose:

    As part of their science coursework, students will focus on the following Enduring Understandings:

    • Experimental Design

      • Asking questions and defining problems. 

      • Planning and carrying out investigations.

    • Data Analysis

      • Analyzing and interpreting data. 

    • Conceptual and Mathematical Models

      • Developing and using models.

      • Using mathematics and computational thinking.

    • Scientific Reading and Writing

      • Constructing explanations.

      • Developing arguments from evidence.

      • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

  • Freshmen Pathway

  • Sophomore Pathway

  • Junior & Senior Pathways

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