• Smoky Hill’s Art Department is committed to providing a comprehensive education in Visual Arts which will enable students to succeed in the diverse global societies of the 21st century. Our program will strengthen problem solving skills, as well as cognitive and emotional development, as students learn to be creative, collaborative, critical thinkers who are globally aware and lifelong advocates and consumers of the arts.


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Visual Arts

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    “Visual arts can be a powerful discipline to support success throughout a student’s education, both within and outside of school settings. We experience visual arts each day, whether through our own creativity or everyday objects, such as the design of a cereal box or logo of a favorite sports team. For students, engaging with visual arts might take place during an art class, through a trip to an art museum or by participating in an arts-integrated English class. As students learn to create, respond and connect to their surroundings, experiences with visual arts help them to gain skills that positively impact their school experience.”

    ~National Art Education Association

    For more information regarding the Visual Arts department, contact the Visual Arts Coordinator Gayle Brown.


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