Health Clinic Information

  • Health is essential to optimal learning. Health Services are available to all students within Cherry Creek School District. The Cherokee Trail High School Health Clinic strives to maximize each student's potential by removing health-related barriers to learning. When meeting the student's health needs during the school day, clinic staff also use the opportunity to teach students to make wise choices that will be beneficial to their future health.  The following are the primary responsibilities of the school nurse and clinic staff:

    • Provide acute and emergency health care
    • Develop and implement Individualized Health Plans as needed
    • Assist with the creation and implementation of 504 Plans
    • Perform vision and hearing screenings as needed
    • Maintain state mandated immunization records and other health assessment data
    • Provide medical care that allows students with medically complex needs to attend school (i.e. trachea care, catheterization, G-tube feedings and wound care)
    • Delegate additional personnel to care for students with medical needs safely, so that these students can participate in all school activities/ events
    •  Prevent contagious illness and injuries through surveillance and implementation of appropriate precautionary measures**
    • Administer prescription and over the counter medications**


    **Please be advised:

    When do you keep your teenagers home from school?

    • Fever of 101 degrees F or greater
    • Actively vomiting
    • Unmanageable diarrhea
    • Unexplained rash
    • Untreated bacterial infection

    Please remember that many students with a fever over 100 degrees F feel poorly. Please take this into consideration. There are students with compromised immune systems in every high school.

    We encourage students to carry their own over the counter medications.

    • o   After a student has been given OTC medication 5 times in the clinic, it is district policy that no more is to be given without a physician order regardless of parent authorization.

    Parents and guardians can obtain frequently requested documents from their school clinics or from the links on the right.

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