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  • Main Number: 720-886-1045


    • A registered nurse is on duty during the school day. Services relating to general health problems, acute illness, and emergency first aid are available to all students and employees. Students who become ill during the school day should report to the nurse. The nurse will evaluate the nature of the problem and assist the student in contacting parents/guardian for transportation home if the nurse determines this is the best course of action for the student.
    • In the event of a medical emergency, all decisions as to treatment, destination, and hospitals will be made by the Emergency Response Team. It is critical that parents/guardian provide accurate contact information through the district check-in forms process as this is the only means the clinic has to locate parents contact information during a medical emergency. Any changes to contact information must be submitted by the parents via the online system.


    High School students have the privilege of taking their own medications during the school day.

    • Students carrying their own medication may bring a one day supply with them each day. Medications must be carried in the original packaging that identifies the content, dose and frequency it may be taken. Prescription medication must be in a pharmacy container that includes the name of the medication, dose, time and student’s name. Under no circumstances should students share their medication with other students. They will be subject to disciplinary action if they do so.
    • Clinic administration of medication provides for accountability that regular doses are received or allow students who regularly use medication to store it at school so it is available. A permission form must be completed and signed by the parent (and physician if it is a prescription medication) before the nurse may administer medication to a student. Homeopathic medications are treated as a prescription medication and may require a review from the CCSD Medical Advisory Board before the nurse can administer them.
    • To be given occasional over-the-counter (OTC) medication in the clinic, the OTC form found on the district check-in forms must be completed and submitted online. We strongly encourage students to bring their own OTC medications (while following the district guidelines). This minimizes interruptions to valuable class instructional time.

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