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    If you are worried about any mental health concerns please feel free to reach out to Mental Health or Counseling.


    What do I do if my child is assessed or hospitalized for suicidal thoughts?

    • Inform the Mental Health staff or Counselor for your student at Cherokee Trail. This allows for the relevant staff to check-in on your student and provides supports as needed.
    • Schedule a re-entry to help your student transition back into academics and create a plan for safety while at school

    What do I do if my child is suicidal?

    • DON’T WAIT- When students talk about suicide they are reaching out for help. Don’t wait to get them the help they need. Call a crisis line or take them to an emergency room, they can help to determine the level of support that is needed immediately.
    • Call a crisis line- these numbers work 24 hrs a day and will allow you to speak to an operator who is trained in safety assessment. They can help determine the current level of risk, what support is needed, and the next steps.
    • Go to an Emergency Room- if you feel your child is at immediate risk of harming themselves take them to an emergency room. An emergency room is a location where individuals can be assessed for mental health concerns.
Last Name Alpha Mental Health Team Member Email Address
A - D Ms. Schroeder
E - K Ms. Stafford
L - Re Dr. Miles
Rh - Z Dr. Nick
GT, Substance Use Prevention and Intervention Mrs. Cornett
Administrative Assistant Ms. Tindle