Parent Teacher Community Organization

  • PTCO's general membership consists of the parents and guardians of students, the administrators, the faculty and the staff of Cherokee Trail High School. Our purpose is to assist in attaining the highest level of education and welfare for the entire student body of Cherokee Trail High School through the cooperative efforts of the Faculty and Staff, the Cherry Creek School District community and the parents. PTCO also works to further the Cherokee Trail Mission statement: "Our actions will ignite the genius and nurture the goodness within us all."​​

    PTCO News

    The PTCO Board of Directors approved seven grants totaling $4,633.25 at is May meeting.  The grants support a variety of CT's academic programs including:

    • Purchase of Jim Collins' Good to Great for the new AP Ambassadors program sponsored by the Language Arts department.
    • Purchase/Installation of two cameras to enhance security of the DECA School Store.
    • Purchase of Mastering Astronomy LMS software to support the online learning experience of science students.
    • Purchase of practice pipetting stations to augment the science department's biotechnology unit.
    • Purchase OMAX 40x-2000X digital lab trinocular compound LED microscope to aid in teaching and to improve students' understanding in science classes.
    • Purchase of slumping molds used to shape and manipulate fusible glass in art classes.
    • Purchase of t-shirt printing press and start up supplies to give students real-world experience to design, develop and print t-shirt designs for instruction as well as for CT clubs/organizations.



Vendors Wanted

  • craft fair Register here to be a vendor at CT's March 28th Spring Craft Fair.


Date Time Location
10/1/19 6:00pm Library
11/5/19 6:00pm Library
3/3/20 6:00pm Library
5/5/20 6:00pm Library

PTCO Board of Directors

Title Name
President Tami Brown
President Elect Lindsey Braun
Vice-President Jean Incitti, Andy Dewett (non-elected)
Secretary Lori Gerlach
Treasurer Joe Duhon
VP of Fundraising Traci Tolbert, Cheryl Selby
VP of Hospitality/Volunteers Kristi Strate, Sahita Sidhu, Isabell Rodau, Hayley Sutterby