Partnership for Academically Successful Students (PASS)

  • PASS Mission
    The Eaglecrest P.A.S.S. committee is comprised of parents and educators who participate together to promote the success of students. P.A.S.S. has truthful and open conversations about the achievement gap that exists between Black/Hispanic students and White/Asian students. This committee embraces and recognizes cultural differences and helps to empower students for successful high school, college, and other post-secondary educational experiences.

    PASS Partners
    All EHS parents are encouraged and welcome to attend. If you are interested, please contact one of the Leaders or attend our next meeting. Your voice and ideas are needed!

    PASS Vision
    To eliminate the predictability of student academic achievement by race.

    PASS Meetings
    The goal of the PASS committee is to engage in meaningful and effective partnerships with all of our parents, including those representing our diverse student body. Through intentional collaboration with parents representing all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds of the Eaglecrest High School community, we believe that we can provide rich and rigorous educational experiences for all students. This committee works to offer support to our parent community while identifying community resources that can be used to further the academic success of all of our students. For more information regarding PASS, please contact us at 720.886.1015.