School Safety

  • Grandview High School is committed to providing a learning environment where students, staff, and community members feel safe. This includes attention to both physical and psychological school safety. Each year, we revise our Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Template, which outlines important safety procedures we follow. This includes items such as our​ drill schedules and plans for preparation and response to potential school emergencies. On a regular basis we conduct Fire, Secure Perimeter, and Lockdown drills, and we continuously revisit and revise all safety procedures. All of our procedures are designed in accordance with recommendations of best practice made from both external agencies and the Cherry Creek School District. By establishing such proactive measures, and continually reflecting upon and adjusting our plans as needed, Grandview High ​School strives to promote and maintain a safe learning environment. For any questions related to school safety at Grandview High School, please contact Dr. Brad Weinhold, Assistant Principal, at 720-886-6591​.

    ​​​​School Safety Terminology

    Evacuation/Fire Drill

    The school is evacuated due to a safety concern inside of the building.

    Secure Perimeter

    All exterior doors are locked in response to a concern of a threat outside of the building. Business is conducted as usual inside of the building.


    Students and staff take immediate shelter in response to a concern of a threat inside of the building. 

    Shelter-in-Place (Severe Weather)

    Students and staff move to “tornado safe” areas on campus, which typically means on the first floor away from windows and doors.

    In the event of a tornado warning, all staff will shelter-in-place. Office staff will not be available to answer phones, and staff members will not be available to open doors for students or parents. Parents will be able to pick up students after shelter-in-place is ended (as determined by the Cherry Creek School District).