Principal's Message

  • Dear Parent,

    The Smoky Hill faculty and administration look forward with anticipation to the 2020-2021 school year. Smoky Hill has a long Tradition of Excellence in academics, activities, the arts and athletics. I believe that a strong relationship between parents and school personnel provides the foundation for student achievement and the excellence we continually pursue.

    I ask you to join us in supporting academic success by:

    • Expecting your student to use unscheduled time productively

    Most Smoky Hill students have at least one class period of unscheduled time. While many students refer to this time as a “Resource Period,” the purpose for students’ having this time is to allow them to obtain additional help from teachers and to access the academic study areas throughout the building. Students who spend their unscheduled time in the library, and/or department resource rooms generally have higher grades than their peers who leave campus or spend their time socializing.

    • Supporting your student’s regular attendance

    A direct correlation exists between attendance and achievement. Students who are not in class do not learn. Please make every effort to schedule doctor and other appointments after school or during your student’s unscheduled time. If you do need to excuse an absence, please do so within 48 hours, and remind your student to obtain make-up work from his or her teachers.

    • Maintaining regular communication with your student’s teachers

    While PowerSchool allows parents and students to have instant access to grades and attendance, this technology is not intended to replace phone calls and parent/teacher meetings. I encourage you to contact your student’s teachers early in the year in an effort to build a relationship with them and work together with them to support learning.

    • Promoting a healthy lifestyle

    In addition to the inherent risks associated with teenage substance use and abuse, alcohol and drug use directly contribute to many students’ poor academic performance. Students who use alcohol and drugs often lose sight of their academic goals, settling for levels of achievement far below their potential.

    Your support is paramount in helping our outstanding faculty prepare your student for life’s journey. Together, we can ensure that our students are prepared to compete with their counterparts in the 21st century.



    Chuck Puga, Principal

  • Chuck

    Chuck Puga, Principal