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2024 Yearbook StaffMembers of the yearbook staff attend High School Journalism Day at CSU in September 2022.

The Legend Yearbook Staff is happy to assist you with your yearbook questions. Yearbook questions? Please use the information below or contact us:

  • Senior Photo Link

    Q: When are senior portraits due?

    A: Please submit all senior portraits by Friday, October 25.

    Q: Where do I submit my photo?

    A: Here! You're in the right place. Click on the icon above or here for current submissions.

    Q: Who should submit a photo?

    A: Any member of the current graduating class. 

    Q: How do I format my senior portrait?

    A: Click here to access a portrait guideline sheet.

    Q: Do you have a photographer you recommend?

    A: A list of preferred senior photographers can be viewed by clicking here.

    A: Any professional-quality photos will be accepted. Please pay particular attention to the file size and format information listed above.

    Q: If I don’t submit a photo, how will I be pictured in the yearbook?

    A: Students who DO NOT submit senior portraits will be pictured using their school ID photo.

    Q: How can I proof my senior photo?

    A: Virtually proof your senior portrait in January. Details will be sent to students and parents through their emails on file in PowerSchool.

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