• Senior photos are due the Friday after Fall Break.

    upload your senior photo here







    Q: When are senior portraits due?

    A: Please submit all senior portraits by the Friday, October 23.

    A: Submit using Jostens Image Upload or by clicking the icon above.

    Q: Who should submit a photo?

    A: Any member of the graduating class of 2021. This includes CT students currently enrolled at Elevation for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Q: How do I need to format my senior portrait?

    A: Click here to access a portrait guideline sheet.

    Q: Do you have a photographer you recommend?

    A: A list of preferred senior photographers can by viewed by clicking here.

    A: Any professional quality photos will be accepted. Please pay particular attention to the file size and format information listed above.

    Q: If I don’t submit a photo, how will I be pictured in the yearbook?

    A: Students who DO NOT submit senior portraits will be pictured using their school ID photo.

    Q: How can I proof my senior photo?

    A: Virtually proof your senior portrait in January. Details will be sent via edConnect to students and parents.

    A: Schedule an in-person appointment with the yearbook staff in late January/early February. Details for the sign-up genius will be posted by mid-January.


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  • Buy your senior tribute/baby ad!

    Q: How do I create a senior tribute (senior baby ads)?

    A: Go to Jostens Ad Service.

    A: Click on this flyer: Senior Tribute Information

    Q: How much are senior tributes?

    A: Tributes are available in three sizes and three prices:  1/8 of a page for $50, ¼ of a page for $100, or ½ of a page for $200.

    Q: How can I get help creating senior tribute?

    A: All senior tributes must be submitted and created electronically. If you need help creating your senior tribute, the yearbook staff (in room 263) would be happy to assist you in designing your tribute, uploading photos, etc. Please contact the yearbook staff to make an appointment.

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  • Buy your yearbook today!

    order yearbook here

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  • What if I haven't picked up my 2020 Yearbook?

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    A: Any books not picked up during these designated windows will not be distributed until the CTHS building opens to the public from the mail office. Please email the CTHS Yearbook Staff at cherokeetrailyearbook@gmail.com to confirm that you purchased a book.

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  • What do I need to bring for pickup?

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    A: Students must have a valid photo ID (school/state issued) to pick up a book.

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  • What if I haven't purchased a book yet?

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    A: The 2020 Yearbook is sold out and online sales ended on Friday, May 15. Make sure to pre-order your 2021 now to reserve your copy.

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