• Senior photos are due the Friday after Fall Break.

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    Q: When are senior portraits due?

    A: Please submit all senior portraits by Friday, October 29.

    Q: Where do I submit my photo?

    A: Here! You're in the right place. Click on the icon above or here for Class of 2022 submissions.

    Q: Who should submit a photo?

    A: Any member of the graduating class of 2022. 

    Q: How do I need to format my senior portrait?

    A: Click here to access a portrait guideline sheet.

    Q: Do you have a photographer you recommend?

    A: A list of preferred senior photographers can be viewed by clicking here.

    A: Any professional quality photos will be accepted. Please pay particular attention to the file size and format information listed above.

    Q: If I don’t submit a photo, how will I be pictured in the yearbook?

    A: Students who DO NOT submit senior portraits will be pictured using their school ID photo.

    Q: How can I proof my senior photo?

    A: Virtually proof your senior portrait in January. Details will be sent via edConnect to students and parents.

    A: Schedule an in-person appointment with the yearbook staff in late January/early February by emailing us at cherokeetrailyearbook@gmail.com

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