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  • Smoky Hill Student Government

    Student Government (or StuGo) is a combination of Student Leadership class and an extra curricular activity. During the leadership class, students will participate in leadership activities, plan school events, and meet with adult leaders in the school and community.  The extra curricular activities that StuGo plans include: Homecoming activities, Wish Week, Asset Days, World Awareness, Prom, Graduation activities, school policy changes, community service projects and many more.  All of this work is focused on the goals of developing leaders and making Smoky Hill a better place!

    Student Government applications must be submitted electronically for 9th - 11th grade students. 


    How to Apply:

    1.  Current Smoky Hill students and incoming 8th grade students need to complete an online application.

    2.  Current Smoky Hill students need to submit their online application by Friday, March 11. Current 8th grade students need to submit their application before Friday, April 1.

    3. Sign-up for an interview after you submit your application (if you are a current Smoky Hill student).

    4. Complete the scheduled interview.

    5. Acceptance and "sorry" emails will be send by Sunday, April 3, for current Smoky Hill students.​  8th grade students will be selected by Sunday, April 24.


    Click on links below to apply:

    Current SHHS Student StuGo Application for 2022-2023

    Current 8th Grade Student StuGo Application


    How Many are Accepted:

    StuGo is a class that meets 3R (Juniors and Seniors) or 3G (Freshmen and Sophomores).  Becuase it is a graded class, there are a limited number of seats avaliable in the room. According to the StuGo Constitution, there will be a maximum of 20 students from each grade level.  The sponsor has an option of adding members to the class, regardless of the grade.  We typically have over 100 applicants each year.



    Mr. Scott Cohen - StuGo teacher and Activities Director
    Email -
    Phone - 720-886-5557




    Another opportunity to serve as a leader, is to become a LINK Leader.  This group plans and organizes Freshman Orientation.  All current Smoky Hill Juniors and Sophomores can apply to be a LINK leader for the 2022-2023 school year.   

    Apply by clicking on the below:

    Smoky Hill LINK Leader Application