• At HCMS we expect all students to behave in ways that allow for all members of our community to thrive academically and socially. We believe that when students are able to show up vulnerably as their true authentic selves, and learn in an environment that fosters this, there is no limit to student achievement. Our deans implement a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) Model to recognize and reward good behavior. This specifically occurs when students demonstrate our PACK Commitments of Perseverance, Achievement, Connectedness, and Kindness. Our deans also communicate our expectations of positive behavior with students through class meetings. 


    When students need additional support making positive decisions at school, our deans are available to intervene accordingly. While we typically start with positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors alongside restorative practices, we do believe that disciplinary consequences can also result in improvements in behavior. While the context of each situation is unique, and decision-making by our deans is made by examining many factors, some of the disciplinary consequences that our deans may assign include warnings, lunch detention, after-school detention, loss of privilege, and out-of-school suspension. In some situations, students who violate CCSD Policies may also be considered for expulsion from school. While these disciplinary consequences do not define the interactions between deans and students on a daily basis, we do believe that there are times when the use of such consequences is appropriate.     


    If students are experiencing any type of concern on campus, including, but not limited to peer conflict and/or harassment, it is imperative that they complete an incident report. In order for our deans to intervene, they need to know what is happening. 


Deans' Office

  • We provide academic and behavioral support to students and staff so that all members of our community can learn.  Our work is founded in the PACK Commitments: Perserverence, Achievement, Connectedness, and Kindness.  

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