• The HCMS Security Team works hard to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and community members. Our dedicated team has extensive experience and training in multiple areas of school safety. We believe by building and maintaining positive relationships with all members of our community, we ultimately provide a greater sense of safety and trust. On a daily basis, our team interacts with students in a friendly and supportive manner. While we are prepared to respond to challenges and crises if needed, the vast majority of our time is spent talking with students and proactively monitoring the campus. 

    Drills & Safety Resources

    On a regular basis our Security Team leads our campus through various safety drills, including evacuation (fire), shelter in place (inclement weather), and lockdown. Drills are scheduled and conducted with the support of the CCSD Safety & Security Team as well as local law enforcement and fire department members.


    A tool that is used in all CCSD schools to enhance school safety is RedBag. Please check out this RedBag Video that explains how RedBag is used in drill and emergency situations.

    Safety Improvements

    In an effort to establish a safe learning environment for students and our community, the HCMS Security Team works alongside CCSD Safety & Security teammates to make safety improvements to the building. Some of these improvements include prepping life saving equipment, programming QR codes for the installation of RedBags in every room, creating and installing window numbering for first responders, and assisting CCSD Safety & Security teammates in GRG Mapping for first responders. 

    Visitor Information

    Visitors who arrive at Horizon Community will be asked to stop at the Security Desk and present a valid, state-issued ID for entering into the V Soft system. This system has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of the Horizon Community Middle School campus. We ask for your cooperation in presenting your valid, state-issued ID when checking in at the Security Desk. 

    Early Dismissal

    Students needing to leave school before the end of the day will be called to the Security Desk near the front of the building where they will check-out with parent/guardian approval. Adults who are listed in PowerSchool as parents/guardians are able to pick up students after providing a valid ID. 


    Contact Information

    Please contact the HCMS Security Team at 720-886-6399 with any questions, or visit the Cherry Creek School District Saety and Security page for more information.