Principal's Message

  • Photo of Joe Stuart

    Laredo Community:

    Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year! We are just a few short weeks away from starting our year fully in-person. I am honored to begin my first year as Principal and 2nd year serving Laredo Middle School and the Smoky Hill Feeder.

    I hope this note finds you enjoying the rejuvenating days of summer and that you and your children are looking forward to the upcoming start to the school year. While we continue to endure a time of unparalleled global events, we must remember that we have an opportunity to embrace this year’s return to full in-person learning again. Our staff at Laredo has learned so many valuable lessons during this pandemic. We have not only pushed our thinking in areas we have previously resisted, but we have recognized what is most important; to care for and listen to the needs of our kids and our families. We have moved from the status quo, and we have all gone back to the role of the learner.

    Our staff will be returning recharged and ready to meet the many challenges that lay ahead this coming school year. Whether this is your first year of middle school or a continuing year, or if you are returning from online, this year will have many challenges that we will face as a community. With that in mind, I will be calling on all our faculty, staff, and parent community to work together to best serve our kids.

    In order to help facilitate a successful start to our school year for all students, we will be beginning the year with our “Phase in Week”. This phase in week will allow all students to be able to meet their teachers, our staff, begin to learn our building and their schedule, and will allow us to roll out our 1 to 1 computers for each student this year. Please see the schedule below.

    Phase In Week- Beginning August 16th

    Monday, August 16th

    6th Grade Students ONLY

    Tuesday, August 17th

    7th/8th Grade Students ONLY

    Wednesday-Friday, August 18th –August 20th

    All Grades, All Students

    To our students, I am eagerly anticipating your full return to Laredo Middle School. You have experienced a lot the last year and a half. The world of education has made changes, educators have made changes, and it is your voice and your responsibility to keep us accountable to continuing to change for the better. The new middle school experience is here and we do not move forward without you!

    It takes a community working together to ensure student success, and I am looking forward to partnering with all of you in this work. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


    Joe Stuart