• IMS Gifted and Talented programming will support classroom instruction by offering programming options, including differentiation strategies and materials, modifications, enrichment, and independent study for students whose needs extend beyond what is available in the regular curriculum or classroom. Gifted and Talented services, therefore, supplement the regular classroom curriculum.

    IMS will be committed to meeting the needs of all our students; hence, we offer rich and rigorous curriculum in all facets of our academic program. Our students will have the knowledge, skills, intellectual curiosity, and habits of mind that will secure their success in a wide variety of high school programs, including International Baccalaureate, College Preparatory, Advanced Placement, and Honors classes.

    Our Gifted and Talented program will ensure that our students' curriculum is:

    • Rigorous: offer our students depth, complexity, sophistication, and novelty of thinking as they acquire and process knowledge and skills.
    • Relevant: engage in meaningful, significant inquiry within cross-curricular themes. Our students will naturally make connections between the disciplines, and these connections will add to the richness and depth of each child's academic experience.
    • Appropriate: consider varying developmental needs as well as cognitive skill level and demonstrated proficiency as materials are chosen for study.
    • Challenging: challenge to think, create, inquire, and produce authentic work in a variety of genres. We will push all of our students to achieve their best, and we will support them in this endeavor.
    • Enduring: focus on enduring themes and ideas that will have lasting impact and application throughout our students' lives.

    The GT Program teacher will meet with teachers to plan and monitor the affective and academic achievement of our Gifted/Talented and Advanced Learners. The GT Coordinator also provides professional development and resources for teachers and facilitates the transition process both into and out of middle school.

    Courses available to our GT students:

    • Language Arts Advanced (full year Core class)
      This class is offered at all grade levels. Please see the course descriptions in the Language Arts section of the course guide.
    • Advanced/Accelerated Math (full year Core class)
      Advanced Math classes are offered at all grade levels. Please see the course descriptions in the Math section of the course guide.
    • GT Exploratory (one semester Elective class)
      This elective class is offered as an elective for 6th, grade. This course offered only to identified gifted students. (GT coordinator/Teacher signature required). Course availability each year is dependent upon sufficient student enrollment.