Language Arts Department Vision

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    Department Vision

    The goal of the language arts department is to teach and inspire students to be strong readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. We strive to help students recognize the importance of literacy in their lives and to develop a love and passion for reading and writing. Each grade level teaches students narrative writing, informational writing, and argumentative writing throughout the year. Students have many opportunities to showcase their writing, presentation, and leadership skills throughout their three years of study at Laredo Middle School.

    Our Language Arts Department Coordinator is Ginny Bludeau. She can be reached by phone at 720-886-5111 or via e-mail at


Language Arts Units of Study by Grade

  • 6th Grade LA Units of Study

  • 7th Grade LA Units of Study

  • 8th Grade LA Units of Study

Language Arts Standards by Grade Level

  • 6th Grade LA Standards

  • 7th Grade LA Standards

  • 8th Grade LA Standards