• Science Department Vision:

    To build scientific confidence that lasts a lifetime!

    Science beakers and jars

    The Middle School Science Curriculum was revised in April, 2020 to align with OpenSciEd's bundles of Performance Expectations.  These Performance Expectations build upon each other with each Middle School year's science units, and build from year to year throughout Middle School.

    Here is an overview of the Performance Expectation bundles:

    Middle School Science Scope and Sequence




  • 6th Grade Science Curriculum

    • Light & Matter
    • Thermal Energy
    • Weather, Climate & Water Cycling
    • Plate Tectonics & Rock Cycling
    • Natural hazards
    • Cells & Development

    Bridge with trees and water

  • 7th Grade Science Curriculum

    • Chemical Reactions & Matter Transformations
    • Energy in Chemical Reactions
    • Metabolic Reactions
    • Matter Cycling & Photosynthesis
    • Ecosystem Dynamics & Biodiversity
    • Natural Resources & Human Impact

    chunks of melting ice cap in ocean

  • 8th Grade Science Curriculum

    • Contact Forces
    • Sound Waves
    • Forces at a Distance
    • Earth in Space
    • Genetics
    • Natural Selection & Common Ancestry

    Telescope and stars in night sky