Social Studies Vision

  • Hand releasing globe toward sea and cliff

    All social studies classes at Laredo Middle School seek to expand skills and knowledge with regard to critical thinking, literacy, and historical investigation.

    In order to achieve this, teachers utilize the following tools and strategies:

    • Document Based Questions
    • Hands-on activities
    • Research projects
    • Analyzing and deciphering complex texts
    • Socratic Seminars
    • Philosophical chairs
    • Thinking Maps
    • Debates

    Please see below for each grade level's specific information for the period(s) of history being studied and the Colorado Social Studies Academic Standards.

    Our Social Studies Department Coordinator is Morgan Thornberry: 720-886-5121,




Social Studies Units of Study by Grade Level

  • 6th Grade Social Studies Units of Study

  • 7th Grade Social Studies Units of Study

  • 8th Grade Social Studies Units of Study

Colorado Social Studies Academic Standards

  • History

  • Economics

  • Geography

  • Civics