• 2D Art 6
    This class is a great opportunity to explore a variety of painting, drawing and collage techniques. Students will
    learn many basic art skills and concepts and put those ideas to work in several different projects. If you like
    art, drawing or painting, this is an excellent introduction to art and will develop skills for future classes and
    experiences. (quarter)

    3D Art 6
    This is an introductory class familiarizing incoming sixth grade students to the 3D art room. They will be
    challenged to create works of art in three-dimensional space. Students will work with a variety of media
    including clay, paper mache, and wire. The focus will be learning to express themselves using a variety of
    media. (quarter)

  • Art 7 2D
    Explore all types of 2-D media as well as significant art movements that have shaped art today. This class will
    help develop artistic skills and understand elements and principles of art. Students in this class understand
    how ideas, media materials, and elements work together to make great art. (quarter)

    Art 7 3D
    This class is an opportunity for students to develop their creative ideas on a larger three-dimensional scale.
    Students will develop a paper mache creature built in multiple stages using a variety of materials. Students
    work on character development and creating a truly original work of art. Students will also create functional
    ceramics. Throughout the projects, students will focus on weekly goal setting, problem solving, and
    understanding the different uses of media. (quarter)

    Art Digital Art
    Graphic design is everywhere! Learn to recognize and create cool design products. We will explore graphic
    imagery through elements of art and principles of design. In this digital art class, students will learn to use
    Adobe Creative products including Adobe Illustrator in creating digital art and design. We will incorporate a
    variety of graphic design concepts and activities while getting creative on the computer. (quarter)

  • Art 8
    In this class, students will continue to develop their creative ideas in various two-dimensional and threedimensional projects. Projects may include clay, paintings, scratchboard art, mixed media paper mache, and
    collage. This class can be taken alone or as an addition to Art Mixed Media. (quarter)

    Art Digital Photography
    Photography is about learning to look at the world around you through a camera. This course is an
    introduction to the purpose and process of taking photos. This class teaches technical aspects of a quality
    photograph, photographic composition, basic photo editing, and communication through
    photography. Students in this class will learn to evaluate a photograph, as well as learning and applying what
    makes a great photo. The skills and concepts learned in this class can be applied to all of your photography
    now and in the future. (quarter)

    Art Mixed Media
    In this class, students will take their creative ideas and skills and apply them to both two- and threedimensional projects. Projects may include pen and ink on paper, plaster masks, paper mache sculpture, large
    graffiti relief sculpture, and other multimedia projects. (quarter)

    Drawing is the foundation for all types of artwork. Students will learn tips, tricks, and skills for drawing. The
    course will cover the major technical aspects of fine art drawing including: figure and face, shading and
    texture, perspective and grid. This class is for students interested in developing the skills to make their art
    more advanced and realistic. These skills can carry over into painting, sculpture, pottery, and any creative
    media; these are the basic building blocks for becoming a great artist in high school and beyond. (quarter)

    By enrolling in this course, students become staff members of the Thunder Ridge Middle School Yearbook.
    Students will be responsible for every aspect of production of the Yearbook, including interviewing, reporting,
    editing, planning and designing layouts, writing copy, photo captions, and headlines, as well as photography of
    all school events and activities. (year)

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