Athletic Information

  • Runners on track at starting line Soccer Ball on Grass   Basketball Net and Backboard

    The cornerstones of the Cherry Creek School District's middle-level athletic program are: 

    • Inclusion and participation for all
    • Skill development
    • Teamwork, and
    • Sportsmanship

    We believe in healthy competition, but winning is not our main objective – participation is. We believe winning is the natural result of students doing their very best in practices and games in a cooperative effort. Success lies not in being the best, but in doing one’s best. We expect our teams to grow and develop an attitude that reflects team spirit, cooperation, and pride.

    At the middle school level, there is a “no cut” policy which means that every participant who tries hard to improve, attends practice regularly, and contributes to good team spirit will play. There are no eligibility requirements at the middle school level. However, prior to a student’s participation, an athletic emergency card, signed code of conduct form, and fee payment are required. Students must also practice a minimum of five days before they can compete in that sport.

    Our athletic program consists of five sports where we compete against other middle schools:

    1. Co-Ed Track in the Fall
    2. Girls Basketball in the Fall
    3. Boys Basketball in the Winter
    4. Co-Ed Wrestling in the Winter
    5. Girls Volleyball in Spring

    In addition, we offer Co-Ed Soccer as an Intramural Sport, where Laredo students compete against each other.

    Laredo's Athletic Director is Lindsey Lee: 720-886-5246.

    Athletic Clerical Support is provided by Jean Bassett: 720-886-5236.