• Teams D and E Science Department Vision and Commitments:

    Challenge School science teachers will cultivate every student’s curiosity, appreciation of the beauty and wonder of science, playful engagement with the world, and insatiable drive to improve themselves and the world so they can confidently say…

    • I am a careful consumer of scientific knowledge and digital information.
    • I construct explanations founded in scientific thinking and evidence.
    • I develop and use models to explain scientific concepts.
    • I ask testable questions and define problems.
    • I plan and carry out investigations to test my hypotheses and questions.
    • I use mathematics and computational thinking to interpret results.
    • I creatively solve challenging problems working individually and collaboratively.
    • I persevere when confronted with challenges.
    • I communicate with impact using arguments supported by evidence.


    Science Standards for Teams D and E (Grades 5-8),7,0/7,38,0

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