• School Delays and Closures

    In the event of a weather delay or closure, parents will be notified by their Coordinator via email. We also will post the notification on our school website and Facebook page.

    School Cancellations
    If Cherry Creek Schools or Regis Jesuit High School are closed Options will be closed. If the school district in your area is closed – please stay home.  As always use your own judgment when the weather is bad.  If we do have school and you feel that it is too dangerous for you (or if you just don’t want to) to drive please stay home.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

    Delayed Start
    If Cherry Creek Schools or Regis Jesuit High School is on a delayed start school will start at 9:45 and the class schedule will be adjusted for the remainder of the day.  School will still dismiss at 3:15.

    Early Dismissal
    If serious storm conditions or other emergency situations develop during the day, we will monitor the situation and advise families as soon as possible, of a decision to dismiss school early. When this decision is made, this information will be sent by email and phone calls will be made to parents.

    *Note - If you carpool or have other family members dropping off or picking up your kids from school please share this information with them.