General Information

  • Grading Scale


      Unweighted Weighted    
     A  4.0 5.0 90-100% Excellent
     B  3.0 4.0 80-89% Above Average
     C  2.0 3.0 70-79% Average
     D  1.0 1.0 60-69% Below Average
     F  0.0 0.0 Below 60% Failing


    High Achievement Diploma Programs

    At Overland High School, all students must meet both the State of Colorado's and the Cherry Creek School District's requirements in oder to graduate. In addition, Overland's students may choose to participate in the High Achievement Diplomas Program.

    • College Preparatory Achievement Diploma recognizes students who demonstrate levels of performance that allow greater opportunity in post-secondary choices.
    • Distinguished Achievement Diploma Program recognizes students who demonstrate levels of performance equivalent to college students or work done by professionals in the arts, science, business, and/or industry.
    • Community Service Scholars Diploma Program encourages students to take a challenging curriculum and also requires one hundred hours of approved community service completed while the student is enrolled at Overland High School.

    Institute of Science and Technology – STEM Program

    IST logoOur focus is on strong Math, Science, and Technology. In today's world, industry demands a skilled and innovative workforce in these areas, and we are here to support students who aspire to pursue a career in any of these fields. 

    Overland STEM Program

    District Online Learning

    The Cherry Creek School District is excited to offer online classes that offer students the flexibility to learn any time of the day from any place. These interactive, standards-based classes will provide rigorous class work while meeting graduation requirements for students in CCSD.