Introduction to Physical & Occupational Therapy

  • PCC LogoThis course combines Introduction to Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. In PT, we explore the history of the profession including definition, development and areas of practice. The role of the APTA, the physical therapist assistant and the relationship between the physical therapist, PTA and other health care professionals are investigated. Includes current issues including professionalism, ethics, communications and health insurance. In OT, we explore career options in Occupational Therapy through discussion, observation and participation. Identifies the need for areas of occupation and the differences between health, illness, and wellness. Describes the history and philosophy of Occupational Therapy, and the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between other health care professionals. Discusses ethical and legal implications of health care and explores basic sociological issues. Ambulation skills, manual skills, and a moderate amount of human anatomy and modalities in physical therapy are taught.

    Grades: 11-12

    Length: 1 Year

    Credits: 2 Credits (1 CTE / 1 Life Science)

    Concurrent Enrollment: Pueblo Community College (BIO 1006 - 4 credits, OTA 1000 - 3 credits, HPR 1038 - 1 credit)

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Last Modified on August 25, 2023