• The Pathways offering Math core credits are:

    • Aerospace Manufacturing - Manufacturing Fundamentals I & II, CNC Machining I & II
    • Aviation Maintenance - Aiframe II & III, General Aircraft Maintenance I, Accelerated General Aircraft Maintenance I
    • Aviation Flight - Private Pilot Ground School & Drone Pilot
    • Infrastructure Engineering - Construction I & II
    • IT - Cybersecurity II, Artificial Intelligence I & II, 

    Developing number sense and having an understanding of how Math is used in your profession is critical to your future success. Math not only enables us to effectively do our job, but also allows us to see trends in data, measure and create with high precision and accuracy, make predictions, and understand how things behave.

    Possessing these Math skills will set CCIC students apart from their colleagues. Students will gain the confidence and necessary procedures to solve industry related math problems and will eventually become leaders in their field.

    With this model, students will not only be on the road to success, but they will also see first-hand how Math will be used within their industry! Content in these courses is designed to provide learners with real-world skills, context, and industry terminology to succeed in today’s workplace. 

Student Testimonial Math
Student Testimonial Math

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