Senior Yearbook Photo Information

  • Senior Portrait Options

    Option 1: Preferred Photographer (Best Option)

    This is the easiest and best option for a high quality senior portrait.

    To the right is a list of the EHS preferred photographers. They have been provided with the specifications for senior photos and will format the photo you select to have featured in the yearbook.

    Remember, for this option, the earlier you schedule, the better. Photographers’ schedules fill up quickly during the summer—especially photographers like those on this list.

     Option 2: Take Your Own Photo (Must follow guidelines)

    If you have a friend or a family member who can take a high-quality portrait (without using a cell phone), you may use this option.

    Here is what you need to know for that:

    • Submit digital file to Jostens School site on or before Monday, October 15, 2023.
    • Digital files need to be edited using photo software and saved at a high resolution
    • Must be saved as a .JPG file and in this format: lastname_firstname.jpg
    • Only one file should be submitted (if more than one is submitted, we will use our discretion as to which to use)
    • Photo vertically oriented
    • Background should be uncluttered and free of distraction
    • Pose is standing or sitting, head and upper torso only in the picture
    • Submit photo to: the Jostens upload page  on or before the Oct. 15 deadline.


    Submitting Senior Photos

    All students wishing to have their senior photo in the yearbook instead of their school portrait must submit their picture through the Jostens School Site on or before October 15, 2023. This link will be updated for use at the start of the 2023-24 school year. For us to place photos accurately, they must be saved in the format Lastname_firstname.jpg. Submissions not following this format or the correct sizing cannot be guaranteed for inclusion in the yearbook.


    • Solid colors look best
    • White clothes often will wash out the picture
    • No logos (unless Eaglecrest)
    • Recommend no hands and/or arms near or touching the face
    • Soft focus is not recommended
    • Must adhere to school dress code
    • No props, sunglasses, or pets
    • No clothing with references to illegal substances and/or violence

     Senior Baby Ads

    If you would like to purchase an additional photo ad for the yearbook, you can do so on the Jostens website. The deadline for Senior Baby Ads will be in January 2024.

Yearbook FAQs

  • When is the deadline to submit senior photos?

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    For the 2022-23 school year, the deadline to submit photos is Saturday, October 15.

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  • How do I submit a senior photo?

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    To submit your senior photo, you will go to the link provided above. Photos must be saved using the following format: lastname_firstname.jpg to allow us to accurately place your photo.

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  • How do I check to make sure the Yearbook Staff got my senior photo?

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    You can stop in to see Ms. Jordahl in the Media Classroom (M162) following the submission deadline, or you can check the list posted outside the Media Classroom (M162 by the Library) starting on Monday, November 15. That list will be up until Friday, December 3 for seniors to verify prior to final submission of the senior pages.

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  • I'm a senior and I graduated at semester. How do I pick up my yearbook?

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    You can come to distribution with everyone else, or you can come by the Main Office the week following graduation to pick up your yearbook. Make sure you have an ID on you to pick up your yearbook.

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  • I'm a junior graduating early. Can I submit a senior photo?

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    Unfortunately, the anwer is no. Because we have to submit senior pages prior to the counselors providing the list of early grads, we cannot accommodate this request. However, if you are interested in purchasing a Senior/Baby Ad, you can still do this. 

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