• Helping Students be Successful at home

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    1. Hold high expectations.

    • Make it clear that you value education.
    • Let your student know that you expect his or her best efforts.
    • Praise them when they do well. Talk frequently with your student about his or her goals.
    • Begin considering educational and career goals.

    2. Make good work habits the rule.

    • Provide time and space for your student to do school work.
    • Help him or her learn to organize and to prioritize work.
    • Encourage your child to develop strong study habits now.
    • Completing homework and turning it in on time are critical for success.

    3. Be an educational partner.

    • Don’t hesitate to call, e-mail or make an appointment to see a teacher, counselor, or administrator to discuss your child’s progress in school.

    4. Model playing by the rules.

    • Help your student to be responsible.
    • Students need to respect school rules. They will benefit from knowing how to work within the system to create change.
    • Early adolescents need to understand that their actions have consequences, both positive and negative.

    5. Stay involved in your child’s life.

    • Be a good listener. Middle school students become involved with new friends and activities, and these may change frequently throughout the middle school experience. Learning to accept others and to be accepted for who they are can be overwhelming for an adolescent.
    • Middle school students can be non-communicative, but they still need and value your input.

    6. Volunteer at school!

    • We invite you to be a part of your student’s life at West. There are many ways for parents to be involved in our school community.