Research Resources & Databases

  • For most databases, use the following login information:

    login:  ohs (lower case)

    password:  blazer (lower case, singular)

    For Facts on File/Infobase only, use the following login information:

    login:  overlandhs (lower case)

    password:  blazer (lower case, singular)

  • ABC Clio

     ABC Clio logo

    ABC Clio

    • American Government
    • American History
    • Daily Life Through History
    • Modern Genocide
    • The African American Experience
    • The American Indian Experience
    • The Latino American Experience
    • World at War
    • World Geography
    • World History: The Modern Era

  • Britannica

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    Brittanica School

  • Culture Grams

     Culture Grams logo

    Culture Grams

  • Facts on File

    Facts on File

    • Issues & Controversies
    • Issues & Controversies in American History
    • Science Online
    • Today's Science
    • World News Digest

    NOTE:  For this database ONLY, the login information is
    login: overlandhs
    password: blazer

  • Gale

    Gale Virtual Reference Library

    • US History in Context
    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    • Science in Context
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • Global Issues in Context
    • Testing & Education Reference Center


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  • Noodle Tools


    Noodle Tools

  • SIRS

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  • Teen Health & Wellness

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    Teen Health & Wellness