• Current Students
    ​After submitting each college and scholarship application,
    stop by Post Grad to fill out a blue transcript request sheet.
    The first 2 transcripts are free. Each additional transcript is $5.

    You can request transcripts here.
    Please remember to include the address where the transcript will be sent (college, university, or your home address).
    Also, include your name and graduation year.

    RevTrak Online Payments
    You can pay with cash or by credit card after submitting the blue transcript request sheet in Post Grad. 

    Current Students:  Pay Online Through RevTrak

    Alumni Transcript:  Pay Online Through RevTrak

    Transcript Questions
    Steve Sewell, Post Grad Specialist

Student Records

  • Overland Student Records Office
    IST Building, 2nd Floor in the Post Grad Office

    Andrew Bueno, Registar

    Phone:  720-747-3463
    Fax:  720-747-3466

Withdrawing Your Student

  • Should you need to withdraw your student from Overland, please begin the process in the IST Main Office.  

    To withdraw, the student's parent or guardian will need to stop by the Overland records office in person to complete the withdrawal form.  You must have a copy of your ID with you.

    In order to complete the withdrawal process you must: 

    1. Return all technology, including your student laptop.
    2. Return all library materials and textbooks
    3. Settle all fines and fees owed.

    Please allow for 30-60 minutes to complete the withdrawal process.