How Sign Up for College Rep Visits

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College Representative Visits

  • The OHS Post Grad Center has over 150 college representatives from all over the country meet with interested students. The ‘reps’ meet with students in small group sessions and discuss academic programs, campus life, financial aid, and admission procedures.

    Advantages of meeting with reps include the following:

    • Exposure to institutions that students might not have been aware of or initially consider
    • Asking specific questions about academic/social programs, campus life, or individual circumstances
    • Providing both the student and admission rep a face that connects to a name- In many cases, this rep is the first reader of the students’ application

    Tips for Students when meeting with Reps:

    • Do your research ahead of time
    • Introduce yourself
    • Be attentive
    • Keep cellphones and headphones in your backpack/pocket
    • Ask thoughtful questions
    • Say thank you

    To see what college representatives are visiting the Post Grad Center, log into your Naviance account on a bi-weekly basis as the list is constantly being updated.