Senior Pictures

  • Yearbook Requirements for Senior Pictures

    • photo orientation: vertical (2.5 x 3.5)
    • body size: from waist or mid-chest up
    • background: outdoor, natural green setting only
    • pose: standing or sitting
    • remove: watermarks or text
    • attire: school dress code applies
    • NO: hats, props, pets, sunglasses, selfies, masks
    • color: full-color, no black and white
    • due date: September 30, 2021
    • fee: $10 (+ $20 late fee if paid after September 30)

    Preferred Photographer

    photographer logo

    Sandra Jimenez
    Owner/Main Photographer



    Note: Although you are not required to use a professional photographer, senior photos are a big deal! The photo you submit must be professional quality and must meet the requirements outlined above.

    Email us at to request a student photographer session, or submit your own photo. High-quality camera phone photos usually work just fine.


Order a Yearbook

Senior Tributes

    • message: include a pesonal message, good luck wish, or memory
    • pix:  add childhood photos, senior portraits, and everything in between
    • payment:  through Yearbook Order Center (not RevTrak)
    • due date:  December 20, 2021
    • more information: Senior Tribute Form (updated Dec 4)
    • create yours here
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