• 2021-2022 Club/Activities Information


  • Choir Jazz & Symphonic

    Meets: I-709

    Sponsor: JIm Techau

  • DECA (An Association of Marketing Students)

    DECA is the business and marking club at Smoky Hill.  The organization competes in state and national competitions.  DECA is involved in a number of social and community service events throughout the school year.  DECA members also have the opportunity to work in the school store, STARBUFFS. DECA students must be enrolled in a business class.

    Spnosors: BJ Kingsbaker & David Decker

  • Jazz Band

    Meets: I-714

    Sponsor: Zak Ruffert

  • Newspaper

    Meets: I-219

    Smoky Hill journalism happens during each school day in the form of newspaper class. Additional work sessions take place after school every Wednesday. Check out our website: SmokyNow.com

    Sponsor: Carrie Faust

  • Pro Start - Professional Start in the Culinary & Hospitality Industry

    II-701 - 3:40-5:00 pm

    ProStart students compete in marketing and culinary competitions. Students must be part of the ProStart class to be on the competition teams. FCCLA also has culinary competitions for students!

    Sponsor: Carla Sullivan

  • Skills UDA (Auto)

    Meets: Room I-803 - Tuesdays @ 7:40 - 8:10 am

    Skills USA is our Career and Technical (CTE) organization that promotes workplace skills in our Automotive Technology Program.  We compete at the regional, state and national level, and we have had many All-State and State Champions who have garnered 10's of thousands of dollars in college scholarships and have competed nationally.

    Sponsor: Craig Capraro

  • Sources of Strength

    Meets: Lecture Center - 4G

    Sponsor: Jessica Edwards, Emma Shulman & Julia Wiering

  • Student Government

    Meets: Lecture Center, 3R & 3G

    ​Smoky Hill Student Government is both a class and an extracurricular activity. StuGo exists to serve the entire Smoky Hill community.  We work to develop strong community among students, faculty, staff, parents, and the rest of the Smoky Hill area.  StuGo plans Homecoming, Wish Week, World Awareness, Asset Days, Senior Celebration, Pep Assemblies, Prom and many other activites.

    Sponsors: Scott Cohen & Jason Bowdre

  • Yearbook

    Meets: I-219

    Smoky Hill's Summit Yearbook is one of the most outstanding Yearbook publications in the United States. Smoky Hill journalism happens during each school day in the​ form of yearbook class.  Additional work/bonding time happens every Wednesday after school. 

    Sponsor: Carrie Faust