About Us

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    We are a community of learners who share the responsibility to be:

    • High Achieving
    • Innovative Thinkers
    • Global Visionaries
    • Socially Conscious

    Community of Learners

    We understand that Students, Parents, Teachers, Community Members are enthusiastic about learning. We value the process and we believe ourselves to be life long learners.

    Share the Responsibility

    We understand that we respectively and collectively have positive engagement in the process of learning.

    High Achieving

    We understand that it is our responsibility to reach above and beyond what many believe to be possible. We set goals and we work hard to
    achieve those goals.

    Innovative Thinkers

    We understand the importance of being critical problem solvers. We are responsible for the act of developing a deeper recognition about our world through questioning.

    Global Visionaries

    We understand that we are but a small part of an immense worldwide community. We are prepared to be lifelong contributors to the betterment of our international society. We value service learning. We are timekeepers in that we honor our past, we value our present, and we plan for our future.

    Socially Conscious

    We understand that we must value all people. We celebrate and honor our differences in race, religion, culture, and abilities. We build meaningful relationships.

Last Modified on August 22, 2019