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Hillary Pohlmann

Welcome to Coyote Hills Elementary. Here at Coyote we pride ourselves on living true to our P.A.C.K. values every day to create a school where all learners enjoy an inclusive and innovative environment where passion and empathy are the cornerstone of our community! As principal, I use my 18 years of educational experience and my passion for inclusive communities to support our mission. I guide my actions always using P.A.C.K. values.

P — Persevere. Every day I greet the challenges our students face and turn them into opportunities by promoting student voice and choice. Students actively participate in the community meetings, create and execute school wide challenges, and grow their own start up clubs. I promote opportunities for students to shift challenge into learning.

A — Accountability- Student achievement is always a priority of every school. Coyote has rigorous curriculum and instructional practices that ensure our students grow every year. Our MTSS system and WIN time (what I need now) guarantees every student will be seen for their strengths and have their needs met. As a principal, I guide our teachers to continually be learning and growing their practice to bring the best instruction to our students.

C — Creativity- I believe in the power of creative learning. Our innovation center and project-based learning in the classrooms give students a chance to grow in unique ways. I celebrate new ways of thinking, creating, and contributing every day with students.

K — Kindness- As a principal it is my deep belief that we grow kindness by extending compassion and personal connection. I visit classrooms daily and make connections with kids face to face. I spend much of my time with students learning about their passions and getting to know them. I also make an effort to connect to parents daily build a bridge between home and school.

I am privileged to be the Coyote Hills principal and I am excited to grow our potential every day in every way.


Hillary Pohlmann

Coyote Hills Elementary

Last Modified on August 23, 2021