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    Heritage Elementary is home to mathematicians, scientists, authors, musicians, artists... and dreamers. We are an inclusive neighborhood school dedicated to inspiring children to become passionate, lifelong learners. We are thinkers and creators grounded in a workshop model. We have a rigorous, challenging curriculum and environment designed to inspire all children to soar to their full potential. We teach children to use specific thinking strategies to solve problems, think deeply and understand their learning and the world around them. Call today to schedule your personal tour:  720-554-3500.


    What makes Heritage unique?

    Workshop Model

    A school wide consistent style of instruction provides students large blocks of time to engage in authentic tasks. Students delve deeply in their learning both individually and in small groups. We read as writers and write as readers to not only develop a deep love of reading but to appreciate writers craft that can then be used in one’s own writing to engage readers. We are scientists learning about our world as well as learning about our past to create meaning and purpose today. Teachers serve as guides and coaches to individualize instruction. Students are engaged and motivated to become lifelong learners.

    Thinking Strategies

    Research shows that students who become aware of the techniques and skills of effective learners are able to integrate those attributes into their own learning; to think deeply. This helps create confident learners who know how to use language around their learning.

    An Inclusive Community

    Heritage is as much about academic learning as it is about social learning; learning about oneself and learning about others. This learning includes social/emotional understanding of oneself and successfully navigating social settings where every person respected. Heritage is grounded in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) while using research and resources from Restorative Justice, Zones of Regulation, and 2nd Step.

    A Neighborhood School

    As one of the smallest schools in metro Denver, Heritage provides a warm and nurturing environment for students and families.


    We Are Heritage

    We Are Passionate

    Our classrooms are filled with wonder and exploration. We are excited to jump right into learning.

    We Are Mindful

    We are aware when we understand and when we don't, so we can investigate and deeply explore our world.

    We Are Inspired

    We are motivated by our teachers to push our limits and utilize our individual talents.

    We Are Caring

    ​At Heritage we are surrounded by students, teachers and parents who genuinely care about us.

Last Modified on June 3, 2021