Holly Hills Elementary School

Picture of front Entrance of Holly Hill Elementary School

Holly Ridge Primary School

Picture of front Entrance of Holly Ridge Primary School
  • “The Hollys” is unique in the Cherry Creek School District in that we are two individual buildings functioning as one school. Holly Ridge Primary serves students in grades K-2 and Holly Hills Elementary is where grades 3-5 are taught.

    We draw our student population from three different communities: the surrounding neighborhood, the City of Glendale, and a neighborhood near Yale and Syracuse.

    We are proud to be a highly diverse school. One of the many things students and staff enjoy at the Hollys is a rich diversity not common to most schools in the Cherry Creek School District. In fact, we have a student population that represents a multitude of cultures found throughout the world. With over 26 different languages spoken ranging from Spanish to Tigrinya, one can envision the cross-cultural collaboration that occurs on a daily basis at our school. As a staff, we strive to provide a wealth of educational experiences for each and every child.


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