• Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books is a fun extracurricular activity offered for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. It is a reading incentive program where students read books and work together during competitions to demonstrate their knowledge of the books they have read. Team members read at least 7 out of 15 books selected for this year's competition. Teams will be formed and compete against each other by answering questions related to the 15 books. Teams score points for correctly identifying the book and author. The winner of the Willow Creek battle will move on to compete against other elementary schools at the district competition.

    Information about Battle of the Books for 2021-2022

  • Destination Imagination

    Destination ImagiNation is an international problem-solving competition for students that promotes three lifelong values: creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. It encourages students to cooperatively devise solutions to challenges and then present them in unique and creative ways. Willow Creek has participated in Destination ImagiNation for many years and has an excellent record of success. To find out how to get involved at Willow Creek, keep an eye out for the parents' meeting flyer that will be sent out later this fall.

    Destination Imagination Website

  • Kids, Ink.

    The Willow Creek Newspaper, which is written and produced solely by students, is about to begin another year of production.

    Kids, Ink. is a newspaper written by children for children. Members of Kids, Ink. work throughout the year to write articles about Willow Creek happenings. They also create game pages, comic strips, interesting fact bulletins, and develop surveys that are important to Willow Creek students. Throughout the year, members will research topics of interest, cover school events, set-up interviews, and edit and electronically publish newspapers.

    Third, fourth and fifth grade students meet on selected dates from 2:45 - 3:30 p.m. September through May. During the year writers will gain newspaper background knowledge, learn how to interview, write articles, edit, and publish their very own electronic newspaper.

    In addition to the meetings, Kids, Ink. members will have to make the time commitment to work on their individual articles outside of school. This unscheduled time may include setting up and completing interviews, writing drafts, gaining background information, location or taking pictures, meeting with other newspaper members, and gathering information and research for future articles.

    While Kids, Ink. members work very hard, they also have a great time. Nevertheless, Kids, Ink. members will be given the option of ending their participation after the publication of each edition or continuing on through the remainder of the year.

    If you are interested in joining Kids, Ink., please take the time to carefully complete the application linked below by September 10th:


    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Tokarchik at ctokarchik@cherrycreekschools.org or 720-554-3956.

  • Lego Robotics

    Our Lego Robotics teams are being finalized and will be meeting from the first week of September until mid-December. Teams meet on various days of the week from 2:45 - 4:30 p.m. Please email idleyogi@gmail.com with any questions.

  • Multicultural Club

    Under the guidance of our PTO, parent volunteers provide our students with a variety of multicultural experiences. Many of these take place during Red Ribbon Week.

  • Student Council

    Student Council meetings are established in the beginning of the school year. It is open to students, grades 3-5, interested in working together for Willow Creek. In the past, these students have participated in several community service projects, raised funds to purchase items for the school, shown appreciation for staff and teachers, communicated important information to their peers, and helped develop and encourage school pride and spirit. 

    The Council consists of at least two representatives from each third, fourth, and fifth grade class. Representatives make the commitment to participate in fundraisers, school programs, and community service projects.

    The faculty sponsors are Peg Link, Catherine Krantz, and Sandi Wiley.

Last Modified on September 24, 2021