Resources and Links

  • This is where we will be housing our resources for everything at Black Forest Hills. ​


    Primary (K-2) iPads are 1:1 and used to reinforce skills that are being worked on in class. These iPads stay at the school. 

    Intermediate (3-5) iPads are 1:1 and are used more for projects, taking notes, and turning in assignments.


    iPad Basics

    ​​Here are some ideas to get to know the iPad if you want to learn some more of the basics. 

    1. Apple Retail Store — Park Meadows- Find out about free workshops, access member services, or shop for and pick up products and accessories.
    2. In the iTunes Store under iTunes U, you are able to listen/download informational podcasts on iPads. An example is “iPad — Getting Started” by Ben Courmerih​. Some of it is a bit dry, but he gives some good information.


    Grades 3-5 Apps BFH Is Using

    ​​​​Here is a list of Apps that Grades 3-5 is using on a constant basis. This is not a list of the ONLY Apps they are using, just ones that will be consistently used throughout the year, depending on the grade.

    Email​ and other built in apps



    Follett eBook​ — Destiny Read

    Google Drive

    Google Docs


    Book Creator



Last Modified on June 13, 2019