Mitzi Galgano

    phone: 720-886-8505

    fax: 720-886-8588

    For the safety of your children, it is important that we are able to contact you.  Please update your contact information on Power School if it changes.  Please make sure your mail boxes are set up and not full and will accept calls from the school.

    Please let me know if your child has asthma/allergies or any other specific health concerns. Students with asthma/allergies need an Rx/care plan in place (signed by the parent and completed by the physician), and medication in the clinic for their safety: if medication and MD prescription is not available and your child is in distress from their health condition, an ambulance will be called. If you are concerned about your child or if they have been ill/used medication (especially for asthma/allergies) please let me know so I can check on them during the day. If there is any other way I can assist you, please call.

    Know the Symptoms of Cold and Flu

    The cold and flu season is upon us!  The single most effective method to help in prevention is HAND-WASHING!  If that is not always possible, the new waterless, antibacterial gels are effective (although drying), and can be used whenever necessary.  Children average six to eight colds a year.  If your child has the flu, please keep him or her home until they are better. 



    Children often have more vomiting and diarrhea than adults when they get the flu.  They also may have higher fever and fewer respiratory symptoms.  They won't often tell you they have headaches or muscle pains. Students who have fever, diarrhea, vomiting must stay home for 24 hours after the last episode.  Please do not give your students Tylenol/Motrin and send them to school. This just encourages the spread of illness to other children and if your child is unwell, they are not available for learning.


    Cherry Creek School District Health Services​​​​

Last Modified on June 6, 2023