• Volunteering

    Parents who volunteer at school not only influence the emphasis on school and its importance for their children, they assist the school staff in providing additional support and one-on-one adult support for students throughout the school day. We know that students whose parents play an active role in their education typically perform higher academically and move further through higher education.  Volunteerism is a positive part of the Dry Creek Experience for students and their families.

    Volunteers are needed in many classrooms to help with academic work and with parties for the children, in the media center for SRA, Math Lab and other programs, in the art room, with technology, organizing the Book Fair, coaching Destination Imagination teams, working on the Yearbook, and hosting special events such as festival and family game nights. Included in the back to school packet is a Parent Volunteer Handbook that lists many of the volunteer opportunities.  Please review the handbook. After indicating the activities you are interested in, sign-up at back to school night or contact the volunteer coordinator anytime.  You can get the volunteer coordinator’s number by calling the school office at 720-554-3300.



    Dry Creek PTCO Website

    Please visit Dry Creek's PTCO website to schedule volunteer activities, buy spirit wear, and purchase reloadable King Soopers grocery cards and other shopping cards, and catch up on the weekly events!

Last Modified on October 31, 2019