2019-20  PIN Presentations

    Join us for an exciting year of dynamic speakers!

    Morning presentations are typically held the first Tuesday of the month from 9:15-11:15 a.m.

    Evening presentations are typically held the second Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:15 p.m.

    There is no December evening presentation or January morning presentation.

    Location: 14603 E. Fremont Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112


    Sept. 3rd 9:15am & Sept. 10th 6:30pm

    From Couch Potato to Elite Athlete: Keys to Success in Youth Sports and Fitness Participation

    Dr. Brooke Pengel, pediatric sports medicine, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children


    Oct. 1st 9:15am & Oct. 8th 6:30pm

    Making Relationships Work! Skills for Family, Friends & Romantic Attachments

    Joneen Mackenzie, RN, founder & president of The Center for Relationship Education


    Nov. 5th 9:15am & Nov 12th 6:30pm

    The Hardest Workers:  Identify Learning Issues, Create Solutions, Improve Results

    Corey Pollard, MS, executive director of Ascend Learning & Educational Consulting


    December 3rd 9:15am

    Cultivating Mindfulness, Resilience & Wellness

    Kami Gaurino, educational leadership consultant, founder of The Excellence Team


    Jan 14th 6:30pm

    Overwhelmed? Stressed Out?  How to Make Stress Work for You

    Alex Yannacone, MA, CU Johnson Depression Center


    Feb. 4th 9:15am & Feb 11th 6:30pm

    An Innovative Look at Nutrition: The Way to the Brain is Through the Stomach

    Anna Schwartz, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist, Paramount Health Directions


    March 3rd 9:15am & March 10th 6:30pm

    Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees! Creating Financially Responsible Kids

    Craig Kaley, founder of Moneyletics


    April 7th 9:15am & April 14th 6:30pm

    Parenting by Temperament: Discovering What Makes Your Kid Tick

    Wendy Gossett, author, parenting & relationship coach


    April 28th  8:45am & 6:30pm

    Annual Brunch 8:45am: The Minds of Boys and Girls

    6:30pm: Saving Our Sons

    Dr. Michael Gurian, NYT bestselling author, gender expert, brain researcher, co-founder of The Gurian Institute

    Visit www.PINccsd.org for podcasts of past presentations.

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