• High Plains Art Program

    The art program at High Plains Elementary is a comprehensive program for kindergarten through 5th grade that teaches students to enjoy, appreciate, and create art. The program is based on the Colorado State visual arts standards. Students explore a variety of art styles, master artists, and multi-cultural art. Students then create their own masterpieces of art using the elements and principles of design. In art we also integrate our projects with other disciplines and curriculums as well.

    High Plains Art Show

    The art created in art class is saved for our spring art show. Parents may come and take all their student’s art off the wall and home that night. I hope that you enjoy your child’s artwork. Remember to ask appropriate questions when viewing his/her artwork. (i.e. Why did you choose these colors? What did you learn from making this? What problems did you solve that arose when creating this?) Encourage your child to talk about their art.

    Our Colorful Mess

    Creating art is messy! Although students wear aprons in art, accidents do happen. Please make sure that you child does not wear her/his favorite outfit on art days.

    Our Creative Environment

    In order to provide the best possible learning environment for our budding artists, we will be developing our guidelines for behavior the first few weeks of class. These guidelines are centered on our High Plains High Five: positive, achieve, respect, responsible, and safe. By creating a respectful and caring environment, students will be able to express themselves, create with confidence, and achieve their highest potential.


Last Modified on June 5, 2019