• Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Kindergarten is full day, from 8:00am - 2:45pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 8:00am - 1:45pm on Wednesday.

  • Jen Christianson

    Favorite Things

    Birthdate - January 18th
    Favorite store(s) - Lululemon and Nordstrom
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Any
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Papermate Felt-tip pens, lined Post-it notes, craft supplies for the kids
    Favorite color - Silver
    Favorite flower - Gerber daisy
    Favorite beverage - Unsweetend Iced Tea
    Favorite treat - Unreal chocolates or Smart Sweets
    Hobbies - Orange Theory, Soccer Mom, Home Decorating
    Any allergies/sensitivities - Little to no sugar diet
    Starbucks order - Nonfat, Skinny Vanilla Latte (hot or cold)

  • Julie Kimura

    Favorite Things

    Birthdate - December 30
    Favorite store(s) - Nordstrom
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Seasons 52, Chick Fil-A
    Favorite school supplies(s - Mr. Sketch smelly markers
    Favorite color - burgundy
    Favorite flower - All
    Favorite beverage - Hint water
    Favorite treat - nuts (almonds, macadamia, pecans)
    Hobbies - reading, eating out, music, going to movies
    Any allergies/sensitivities - none
    Starbucks order - skinny caramel frapp no whip

  • Kaycee Booth

    Favorite Things

    Birthday - October 17th
    Favorite Store - Amazon, Target, Nordstrom
    Favorite Restaurant - Qdoba or Red Robin
    Favorite School Supply - Papermate Felt-tip pens, lined Post-it notes
    Favorite Color - Pink or Blue
    Favorite Flower - Roses
    Favorite Drink - Coffee or La Croix
    Favorite Treat - Chocolate
    Favorite Hobby - Working out, brunch with friends
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Iced Coffee

  • Melissa McBride

    Favorite Things

    Birthdate April 1st
    Favorite store(s) Athleta, Lululemon, Sundance
    Favorite restaurant(s) Torchy's, Chipotle, Snooze, Starbucks
    Favorite school supplies(s) Papermate Flair Pens, Post-it notes
    Favorite color Green
    Favorite flower Gerbera Daisy
    Favorite beverage Unsweetened Iced Tea (Black or Green)
    Favorite treat Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
    Hobbies cooking/baking, Peloton, traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Hot: Latte (Plain, no sweetner or flavor) Cold: Unsweetened Green Iced Tea

  • Stephanie Dryer


    Birthdate - January 25th
    Favorite store(s) - Bath and Body Works, Target, and Kohls
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chick-Fil-A, Parkway Grill, and Lazy Dog
    Favorite school supplies(s) - See Amazon Wishlist
    Favorite color - Turquoise
    Favorite flower - Daffodil
    Favorite beverage - Coffee and Cherry Coke Zero
    Favorite treat - Twizzler Bites and Jr. Mints
    Hobbies - baking, movies, sailing, eating out
    Any allergies/sensitivities - Bananas
    Starbucks order -

Last Modified on June 9, 2022