Second Grade

  • James Christensen

    Favorite Things

    Birthday - October 22nd
    Favorite Store - Home Depot, Dicks
    Favorite Restaurant - Lazy Dog, Adelitas
    Favorite School Supply - Papermate felt tip pens
    Favorite Color - Chicago Bears Blue
    Favorite Flower -
    Favorite Drink - Beer, Coffee, Water
    Favorite Treat - Popcorn
    Favorite Hobby - Snowboarding
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Vanilla Latte

  • Jillian Derrick

    Favorite Things

    Birthday - Dec. 4
    Favorite Store - Target, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant - sushi, Dions, Bad Daddy's
    Favorite School Supply - colored Sharpies, fun sticky notes
    Favorite Color - blue, pink
    Favorite Flower - sunflowers
    Favorite Drink - Coffee, Diet Coke, La Croix
    Favorite Treat - chocolate covered almonds, homemade cookies, chips
    Favorite Hobby - camping, traveling, cooking, reading
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Vanilla Latte with almond milk

  • Katie Holland

    Birthday - June 14th
    Favorite Store - Amazon, Target
    Favorite Restaurant - Chick-fil-a, Cru Wine bar
    Favorite School Supply - Books, sticky notes, colorful pens
    Favorite Color - Red
    Favorite Flower - Peonies
    Favorite Drink - Sweet tea
    Favorite Treat - Chocolate chip cookies
    Favorite Hobby - Reading, traveling, hiking
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - iced sweet cream vanilla cold brew

  • Leanne Snyder

    Birthday - September 24th
    Favorite Store - Target, Amazon, Anything in Southlands
    Favorite Restaurant - Chik Fil A, Chili's, Chipotle, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory
    Favorite School Supply - Clorox Wipes, Colorful Teacher Markers
    Favorite Color - Anything
    Favorite Flower - Anything
    Favorite Drink - DIet Soda
    Favorite Treat - Chocolate
    Favorite Hobby - Family Time-Hiking, Yoga, Walking
    Allergies - NA
    Starbucks Order - Skinny Vanilla Latte

  • Wendy Robertson

    Birthdate Feb. 16
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon, Lululemon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Sushi, pasta, mexican (tacos specifically), Chick-fil-a, Dutch Bros.
    Favorite school supplies(s) Books, colorful pens, markers & dry erase markers, cardstock
    Favorite color Blue, grey
    Favorite flower Peonies, lilacs
    Favorite beverage Pom-Orange (Melorgrano & Arancia) San Pellegrino, Naked Green Machine Juice, chai/coffee, red wine
    Favorite treat Chips (any and all), white chocolate covered pretzels
    Hobbies Reading, pilates, cooking/baking, golf, skiing
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Chai Latte, Dragon Drink

Last Modified on September 2, 2020