Third Grade

  • Ashley Nordine


    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate - 1/17/86
    Favorite store(s) - Nordstrom/Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chipotle
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Paper Mate Flair Pens/Colored Sharpie Markers
    Favorite color - Light Green/Light Blue
    Favorite flower - tulips/sunflowers
    Favorite beverage - Soda water with lemonade
    Favorite treat - Dark chocolate/nuts/dried fruit
    Hobbies - Golf/Working out/Cooking/playing with my puppy
    Any allergies/sensitivities - gluten sensitivity...not life threatening :)
    Starbucks order - unsweetened iced green tea/black coffee

  • Caroline Forbes

    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate August 22
    Favorite store(s) Target, Kohls, Home Goods, Ross, and Hobby Lobby
    Favorite restaurant(s) All
    Favorite school supplies(s) Mr. Sketch Markers, Sharpies, To-Do List Pads
    Favorite color Navy Blue, Black, Brown
    Favorite flower Peonies, Petunias, Roses
    Favorite beverage Ice Tea
    Favorite treat Milk Chocolate
    Hobbies Walking my dogs, Cooking with my family, Traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Salted Caramel Frappucino

  • Grace Young


    Favorite Things:

    Name Grace Young
    Birthdate June 3rd
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Pappadeaux, Chilis, Chuys
    Favorite school supplies(s) Flair Pens
    Favorite color Blue
    Favorite flower Hydrangea
    Favorite beverage Water or Coffee
    Favorite treat Twizzlers, Mike & Ikes, Chocolate Turtles
    Hobbies Watch movies, hiking, reading, collect fossils
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order White Chocolate Mocha

  • Jenna Goncharov


    Favorite Things:

    Name Jenna Goncharov
    Birthdate August 18th
    Favorite store(s) Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Chick Fil A or Qdoba
    Favorite school supplies(s)
    Colorful Pens, Black Expo Markers
    Favorite color Pink
    Favorite flower Anything colorful
    Favorite beverage Coke or Starbucks
    Favorite treat Anything chocolate
    Camping, going on walks with my dog, reading
    Any allergies/sensitivities na
    Starbucks order Caramel Latte

  • Meredith Ramsey

    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate - October 6
    Favorite store(s) - TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Noodles
    Favorite school supplies(s) - AstroBright Paper and Flair Pens
    Favorite color - Pink
    Favorite flower - Anything I can plant outside
    Favorite beverage - Ice Drinks, anything calorie free, nugget ice (from Chickfila or sonic!)
    Favorite treat - Gummies
    Hobbies - Blogging, Hiking, Taking care of my kiddos, traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None
    Starbucks order - Caramel Machiatto, only one shot of expressoro, with almond milk

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