Physical Education at Cottonwood Creek

  • Amanda Jehn, Physical Education


    “Physical education is the beginning of the lifelong learning
    process in which schools teach children how to live as active,
    healthy adults with both active bodies and active minds.” PE4life

    A quality Physical Education program incorporates all aspects of movement skills, physical fitness and personal wellness. This includes the five components of physical fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Cottonwood Creek’s Physical Education program encourages every student to benefit and succeed, regardless of his/her ability or experience. We use a skills based approach in to teach locomotor, manipulative and stability skills that will set the students up for success in activities and sports. Students will work cooperatively with others, developing a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. Active participation will in turn promote the students to carry on a healthy lifestyle.

Last Modified on January 20, 2021