Third Grade

  • Third Grade is considered a transition year.  The teachers work closely together to ensure the success and growth of every student.

    Creekside is an I-CARE community.  Each grade level I-CARE is designed to provide a positive approach to helping students grow into responsible, confident and healthy young people who are able to realize their full individual and academic potential.  Within each grade level, I-CARE implements the concepts of integrity, cooperation, attitude respect, and esteem. Here is what I-CARE behavior looks like in 3rd grade:

    I – Integrity – 3rd graders are responsible for their homework, supplies and personal items. Parents can be supportive by not bringing these items to school for their child.  This means not dropping off homework, water bottles, or other items at the front office to be delivered to the classroom.

    C – Collaboration - 3rd grade teachers cooperate together by collaborating on the delivery of instruction to meet the students' needs.

    A – Attitude – 3rd graders are expected to have a positive attitude when working with peers, in groups or with adults.

    R – Respect – 3rd graders will take care of themselves, help others, be respectful of people’s belongings, and listen to others.

    E – Excellence - 3rd graders are nurtured through a safe learning environment, goal setting and celebrating success when those goals are attained.

    Our curriculum is aligned with the district and state standards. 

    Mrs. Nichole Campbell

    ​Ms. Sarah Hite

    Ms. Linda Ruggles

    Mrs. Stephanie Musick

    ​Mrs. Sasha Pettis

Last Modified on June 7, 2023