Dry Creek Art Program

  • The Art Program at Dry Creek Elementary School follows National Standards-Based curriculum. Students create and explore in a nurturing, supportive, and engaging environment. Each developed lesson focuses on Elements of Art as well as, the Principals of Design emphasizing proper technique and craftsmanship. Student creations are rich in Art History, inspired by artists and illustrators from both present and past. Ultimately students will relate and integrate the works and lessons to their social, cultural, and academic experiences.

    Our students are taught to respect materials and their use. They learn about art from many artists, cultures and perspectives. The art room has a sense of community, where all students have the ability to be successful.

    All projects allow for students to create with a foundation of varied art mediums, skills, techniques, and concepts. As Dry Creek’s Art teacher, I believe in the power of Art Education as a platform to showcase each student’s unique creativity. Therefore, I manage the Art Room in a responsive, socially relevant and evolving way.

    All Dry Creek students have Art Class at least once a week, however some weeks they may be fortunate enough to get Art twice. In addition to regular Art classes, students can also apply to attend Art Club on Wednesdays after school.

    We have an all school Art Show/Fundraiser every other year where each student has the opportunity to display his or her talents and creativity with multiple pieces. During the off years students’ art is displayed in art shows throughout our community.

Last Modified on June 10, 2019