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    We have been busy with our Typing Ten activity in the Computer Lab. Students have been typing for 10 minutes every time they have Technology class. The goal is to have everyone typing with 10 fingers and without peeking at the keyboard. We have been concentrating on accuracy rather than speed and the kids are getting there! Many students are now confident with the home row keys. The children love to use Dance Mat Typing, which they can also use to practice at home. Here is the link for the site: 


    We've also been learning about Internet Safety, in particular how to tell if a web site is suitable for children, what information should not be shared online, and what to do if someone does something mean online.

    The following site has loads of information for parents about keeping kids safe in this digital age: 


    Next we will be looking at Google Docs, and will be making posters with Google Draw.  And please take a look at our Mission Viejo Technology page, which we use in class!



    Shannon McQueen and Helen Clark

    STEM Teachers​

Last Modified on June 12, 2019