• Art
    Alison Smith - Students refer to me as Ms. Smith
    How many years have you been teaching or working in education? In Summit?
    2nd at Summit; 3rd overall
    My favorite things about working with students are:
    Their imagination, fearlessness, and pure enthusiasm.
    A few interesting things about me:
    I am from Maryland. I like to go hiking and camping when I am not at school. I also have a dog named Violet.

    Brianna Mauricio-Perez - Students refer to me as Ms. Mauricio


    Years I have worked in education and at Summit:
    First Year!
    My favorite things about working with students are:
    I want students to come into my class expressing themselves, and sharing their passions through music. I love when we play games, or we sing karaoke, and everyone is loud and involved. Students will ask to sing, or play an instrument for the class, and they leave me in awe with their talent and courage.
    A few interesting things about me:
    Not only is this my first year at Summit, but also my first year teaching ever! My family immigrated from Mexico when I was young, and through my struggles with learning English, I fell in love with music and performing. I decided to make my passion my job, and I am very blessed to be joining Summit this year.
    Physical Education (P.E.)
    Marc Vigil - students refer to me as Mr. Vigil
    My name is Mr. Vigil and this is my 14th year of teaching PE! I'm excited to have the opportunity to teach your child some awesome games and skills and look forward to our time together here at Summit. Please help your child's experience by helping them bring athletic shoes on the weeks that they have PE as their specials. Please reach out to me if you have any comments or questions about PE! My email is mvigil2@cherrycreekschools.org.

    Michelle Vigil - Students refer to me as Ms. Michelle or Ms. Vigil

    Email: mvigil14@cherrycreekschools.org

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